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30 Day New Girl Photoshop Challenge  
Day 1 ➝ Favourite character
↳ Nick Miller

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There is some evil in all of us, Doctor, even you.

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Titanic 101th Anniversary


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My lovely followers, please follow this blog immediately!

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stairway to heaven

highway to hell

exploding dick to purgatory

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When is a car commercial not a car commercial? 

 When it’s this commercial and it stars several versions of Robert Downey Jr.

Shhhh. Just press play and don’t turn back.

This felt like an episode of Doctor Who oh my gosh

This felt like a David Lynch movie.

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Today and Last Week

I am surprisingly okay for today. 5 days and I’ve been fine since Tuesday  I feel like I should be more hurt, or show more emotion today, but I see happy couples and I just smile. I don’t hurt, I’m okay.

I don’t feel dead inside, I still feel happiness  It was just like a switch that flipped after I melted down….

I don’t know why i’m okay. I don’t see ghosts anymore, I don’t feel the empty tugging, but i’m okay.

But I suppose that’s to be expected, i’m the king of okay after all :)

I know I can’t be alone, I know I shouldn’t be alone, and I know I’m not.


Pity the man with two.

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Pity the man with two.

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salmonflaps: There are people on the 401, a major highway in Ontario, that are shoveling the road so they can drive.

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salmonflapsThere are people on the 401, a major highway in Ontario, that are shoveling the road so they can drive.

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Doctor Who meme: ten episodes: Human Nature/Family of Blood (1/10)

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